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Choundeshwari Sahakari Soot Girani Ltd. Is a co-operative organization formed with the motto of   serving   the local Loom Holder. The company purchases  the raw cotton from   Vidharbha and marathwada. The company has around 17.28 Hectors land. The cotton yarn is produced in modern units of the   company and quality is controlled to   the   largest   extent while doing so. The advanced machinery setup. Allows the company to produce the best of Indian cotton yarn.

Quality Management at Choundeshwari

We Believe That in Textiles, Quality Means

" Best Raw Material”

“ State of the art machinery”

“ Highly Trained and Skilled Human Resources”

The Quality Management at our Mill believes in implementation of all three.

A) Sourcing of Raw Materials

The market environment today has become increasingly competitive with the consumer becoming more quality conscious. Therefore, decides sophistication in terms of speed and technology of machinery, it is very important for a mill to know   all the important properties of the fibre. In the  case of raw cotton,especially, it  is  necessary to know fibre  properties  of  each  and  every  bale and  to understand how the fibre properties interact with  the  processing conditions  to  determine  the yarn  quality  and  the  performance  of the process itself. Raw Cotton Fibre characteristics vary from field. This variation is due to genetic and environment factors such Raw Cotton based on its physical characteristics, length of fibre, Trash percentage, Micronaire, Pressley and Colour grade. The Quality monitoring starts at the cotton procurement stage. Only cotton which meets all the requirement characteristics is purchased

B)  Processing (Machinery & Professional Human Resource)

“NO SUBSITTITE OF BEST QUALITY”   is the  reality  we  believe  in, and we strive to service   our   customer   at   every    stage according  to  that  belief  by  adopting  the  procedure:

We carry out mixing of the cotton in General Shift..Trained and expert workers open bales, which are laid down Properly by trained laborers after the bales have been tested by the quality department. All the  important  parameters  of  fibre  are  tested  to  keep  the mixing even throughout the season. Our blow room line consists of  LMW Machines. We are using pre-opener machine for opening raw cotton to Keep the yarn free from contamination we employed persons on pre-opener and bale opener for manually picking   out  contaminations.  Fibre growth, neps and aste extraction is monitored throughout the blow room line using most modern testing equipment. We use different Origin of cotton such as Banni, MECH1, and H-6 etc. We use the Following Procedures to minimize the contamination presence in yarn.  We have manually Contamination Picking System at Our Blow room so that maximum quantity of foreign matters can be removed at the early stages.

The Card machine have  a  chute feed system   and  consist  of  LMW  LC  100 & LC 300 AV3 equipped  with  auto  levelers. Waste Percentage, Card U % and wrapping is carried out daily to check the performance of the card. Every individual card is tested for neps fortnightly using spin test technique along with continuous checking of neps. The LMW DO6, RSB 851, Drawings are used as breaker for Cotton carded yarn. Sliver U% and wrapping is checked for each machine daily To ensure proper working of machine.

Our Auto leveler Sheltronics Finisher Drawings is equipped with Sliver quality Monitoring System. It allows 24 hour on-line checking and detection of faults that could cause drawing sliver to deviate from it’s required mean. LMW LF-1400 A Simplex machines are used to convert sliver to roving of our required parameters. Evenness of roving is checked for every machine daily. The Quality monitoring strictly followed through out the back process to produce high quality roving. Our Ring Frame department consists of LMW G5/1 and LR6.Every individual count spun on our Ring Frame Machine is checked daily for count. Twist/inch, strength and evenness. We practice to keep all quality parameters of yarn within statistics category of 25% & 5%.

Yarn from Ring Department is converting onto required package using Schlaforst – 338 winder and Schlaforst x5 winder. The Auto Coner Machines are equipped with Loepfe advanced Zenith clearers. On-Line Classification is performed to check the yarn parameters daily for each individual count. The contamination clearance is also carried out on these machines to produced high quality product yarn. By employing the above stringent we try and keep the quality of our products consistent. 

Gat No. 324, At Post Dharangutti,
Kolhapur Sangli Road, Shirol

Phone: 02322 - 255095, 255093

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